Borges presents an exceptional oil,
an authentic, timeless taste of the Mediterranean.


Sybaris is a one-of-a-kind ultra-premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from 100% Hojiblanca variety olives.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil from centenary olive trees.


From hand-picked olives, they are pressed within 24 hours of harvest.


When we talk of delicacies, we cannot help but think of sybarites – the adjective we use to describe those who are devotees of luxury, and also the inhabitants of the Mediterranean city of Sybaris.

The inhabitants of Sybaris, famous for their love of all things sublime and precious, say that over 2,000 years ago a mythological creature called Sybaris lived in a cave from which he only emerged in order to devour men and herds of cattle. Tired of living in fear, a handsome young man confronted him and defeated him after engaging in a fierce battle. In the place where the wild beast fell, a spectacular water fountain appeared that helped the surrounding lands to grow fertile, and so it was that the people of Sybaris were enriched and developed their taste for excellence.